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Bluetooth Sports Fitness Tracker Wristband for iPhone IOS Android Huawei Phone


Note: iOS version app does not support message reminder and call reminder. Other app functions are same as Android version.
Device Features:
  • Clock and date:Demand and mobile phone synchronization
  • Pedometer:Stand by
  • Calories:Stand by
  • Course:Stand by
  • Resting heart rate:Stand by
  • Dynamic Heart Rate:15 km of the largest rhythmic movement
  • Heart Rate Training:Heart outline,
  • Fatigue monitoring:can manually measure fatigue
  • Motion Detection:Offline monitoring movement (including heart rate)
  • PSG :Off-line monitoring of sleep (including heart rate)
  • Silent alarm:(can be customized) Phone-side setting, bracelet end reminder (icon form, can be customized)
  • Anti-lost reminder:Disconnect bracelet vibrate
  • Calls to remind:Caller ID, caller name
  • SMS alerts (text message content):Can\'t display content
  • Data storage:30 days of daily data
  • Sports and sleep time is stored (including heart rate)
  • Each time up to 12 hours
  • Charging time:1-2 Hour
  • Standby Time:About 5 days
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Invisible screen design
  • Netweight only 20 grams
App Functions:
  • Data synchronization:Connected, 5 minutes automatically synchronized once
  • Historical data:Store 7 days
  • Trend Analysis :Day, week, month, year, (all day and sleep)
  • Day data details:Number of steps, calories, intensity
  • Chart Analysis:Steps curve
  • Degree of completion:Percentage
  • Motion data details:Duration, number of steps, calories, optional heart rate (average, maximum)
  • Chart Analysis:Step curve, heart rate curve, heart rate zones
  • Motion data comparison:The same type of motion Contrast
  • Sleep data details:Sleep long, deep sleep, light sleep, waking statistics
  • Curve analysis:Sleep curve, heart rate curve
  • Real-time heart rate monitor:Real-time measurements in the mobile phone side, with the type of movement
  • Fatigue monitoring:Irregular automatic measurements
  • Family friendly:Share fatigue data and the weekly trend to relatives
  • Movement Goal Setting:Target number of steps
  • Equipment Management:Add or cancel equipment
  • Remote Upgrade:Firmware and sensor algorithm optimization and upgrading

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